Thursday, January 8, 2015

Development of the Essay Argument

When writing an academic essay or a scholarly write-up, it is necessary to develop a central argument of your essay that happens to be a vital aspect in your entire writing effort. As per standard rules of essay writing, you must be able to tell your readers why this particular topic in your essay is worth studying, and why this tends to be a good way to explore it? Moreover, an essay writer must explain why his or her adopted method of investigation is applicable and why the writer’s understandings and deductions are rational. 

An essay writer needs to consult with the other literary works, especially when he or she makes a central argument. This may include the review of the research-based work of leading scholars in the particular field of knowledge and research. While it is imperative to be reverential when an essay writer is going to discourse thoughts and investigations made by other scholars, he or she is expected to involve openly and even challenge current concepts and intellectual beliefs. An essay writer must try to defend, explain or confirm a definite standpoint by putting forward a new idea or piece of thought. 

The writer must acknowledge that the prevailing opinion has distinct advantages, but it should be held valid in some significant respects. Put into words an existing standpoint or a report of this view, so that the new description allows a better clarification, and then disregard a position or work because of its insufficiency, inappropriateness, unintelligibly or by using other suitable measures. It is also necessary to decline, disprove or contradict established arguments to plot various reasons. It is also better to synchronize two different points of view that may seem at odds with reference to some advanced or lesser principals. The essay writer should develop an existing standpoint or intellectual belief by using large or multifaceted data sets or theory to a new and fresh context.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Causing Eating Disorders among Female College Students

Aired live all over the world, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has aroused many controversies related to an ideal bodily figure of a young girl. Usually, ideals are hard to find in the real world, but Victoria's Secret Fashion tells it openly that how a perfect girl supposed to have a shapely, skinny and sexy body. In contrast, the girls watching such ideal figures feel themselves bodily inferior or away from socially accepted prettiness, resulting in complex eating disorders among sensitive souls in the end.

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In fact, millions of female college students have any kind of eating disorders, but most of them receive little or no psychological intervention or medical care at all. If left untreated, eating disorders can cause permanent physical damage in the form of excessive hair loss, osteoporosis, cardiac complexities, and infertility. According to medical experts, such female college students can even lead themselves to death if left untreated.
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Among any psychiatric disorder, these eating disorders and connected ailments have the highest mortality ratio, whereas the suicide rate among affected people is more than 45 times greater to that of ordinary citizens. People usually recover from such kind of disorders if they get medical treatment at early stages. Regrettably, eating disorders cause severe psychiatric and medical damages if affected people avoid taking essential medical treatment.

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When it comes to female college students, the majority of them avoid seeking any medical treatment due to many known and unknown reasons. Most of them try to hide eating disorder symptoms due to embarrassment and shame. In fact, many college girls deal with their orders by avoiding medical treatment.

Doing so, these girls do not even realize that they have a severe medical issue or mistakenly consider these problems will be eventually eliminated naturally. Many affected college girls believe there are no medical facilities found around the college campus. Generally, female college students do not seek medical treatment or cure for many reasons.