Monday, September 23, 2013



Dissertation is the actually a process of critical thinking, writing a dissertation is lot like writing a book. Writing a dissertation is seems a long and difficult task but it will be manageable if you work seriously. There are usually no weekly deadlines from professors, no one will guide you what to do, and you are on your own.

It is like dissertation is the beginning of the end of a graduate career; it is actually a beginning of professional growth. Writing the dissertation will enable you to set a valuable research and writing skills think critically, organizing your time and material, justifying things and simplifying complicated information.

Barras (1993:136) Study Guide suggests that: writing is an integral part of the research process.
Writing a dissertation outline:  Dissertation outline will help you to write dissertation in a well mannered way. Plan your outline and start working. It is necessary to follow the points carefully so that you can make structure.

Managing the topic:  Remember that your topic is not carved in stone. You should know what is your topic is all about? How you will defend your topic? Sometimes it’s difficult for student to select topics because you don’t know the consequences of any topic or hypothesis. It is important to select your topic earlier so that at the time of writing dissertation your half work has completed.

Writing abstract: The abstract if often a most read part of dissertation. Writing a meaningful abstract is not an easy task. It is like a succinct summary of the research, representing why and how you will what you did and what the results? It can be best to write your abstract in last so that you would be sure that what things you will discuss in your abstract. Abstract must be self contained there is no need of including references in it.

Introduction: Your introduction should be clear and easily understandable; it is the first piece of writing the reader comes to. Give an introduction that is appropriate for the general reader, define each sentence logically. Clearly define the overview of the problem; why it is important; a brief overview of the research undertaken, define the methodology, and approaches.

Literature review: A literature review is an account of what has been published related to your topic in past. The purpose of this is to show that you are aware and you have researched the context of research in your fielder to make notes each of researched literature and individually study their way of doing research. Consider whether there are any closely related areas that you also need to refer to; it is worth taking time to go through but once you do it you will come to know the framework of your research. 

Methodology: Methodology for conducting research is very much important. If you are using any particular method, processes and material, you will need to clear them .You must need to describe enough info so that your reader can easily understand. Particular methodologies are usually well-established and easy to use, so keep in mind your hypothesis while using data gathering and semiotic analysis. Use a descriptive approach explains what method you intend to use when researching and developing your report.

Discussion and conclusions:  You need to summaries your key findings and discuss possible connections between them. Discuss all the points what you find from your study? What new research questions are raised by your study? What are the limitations of your sample? Describes everything you discovered in your research, include graphical representation for your results .Interpret your results with respect to your own understanding, contextualize your ideas in relation to other theories and with literature survey. 

Reference List/Bibliography: Your proposal should include reference lists from where you have taken references. Cite each and every literature includes anything quoted, paraphrased or referred to that was written or stated by someone other than yourself.

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